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Truth to Power

Michael Moore is not known for getting all the facts right in his movies.  Despite that, he does have a reputation for putting his finger on a problem and calling it what it is, no matter who is offended. 

He has done it once again with Planet of the Humans, where he exposes the "Renewables" industry for what it is.

Fun & Facts

Lubach has a knack for taking hard facts and delivering them in a comedic style not unlike Steven Colbert.  His analyses are spot on as he raises the mirror to his audience to expose their misconceptions and missing knowledge, but he does it in a way that we can all feel good about it and learn something in the process of laughing at ourselves.​​

Amazon Deforestation

As long as cattle contribute more to GDP than the rain forest, the rain forest will lose.


What influence to we have?  Perhaps a little more plant-basted diet is good for the planet?

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