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About Me

Knowledge and  Wisdom from Experience

I am Jonna Vejrup Carlsen

Welcome to my Website and my Blog


Keeper of the Truth

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Jonna Vejrup Carlsen (1937- )

Graduate from Copenhagen Business School (CBS) (1960)
Student of Sanskrit/Hindi at the University of Aarhus (1976-85) (almost) BA
Lecturer at the Aarhus Business School (1962-87)
(shorthand/speedwriting/typewriting/computer technology)
JVC speedwriting-system: Lynskrift (Danish/English/German/French)



  1. Notat- og referatteknik m/lynskrift (How to take notes / Speedwriting system)

  2. Global Alarm (English/Danish) from 2006

  3. SAVE the Earth/RED jorden (Danish) (Kahrius Publishing 2018)



MiniCOP Resolution, Klimaforum9, Dec. 2009, Copenhagen (COP15)
GLOBAL RESCUE, Klimaforum10, Dec. 2010, Cancun, Mexico (COP16)


Participation in Thorium Energy Conferences

London 2010, New York 2011, Shanghai 2012, Geneva 2013

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