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Trees, Trees, Trees - Biomass

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

In Africa the old Baobab trees- some up to 2,400 years old are dying due to lack of water - as a result of the climate change. These old trees could have said hello to Julius Caesar and to the Danish king Gorm the Old (936-958)! We ought to take it very seriously and act now - we must stop the global warming - if it is not already to late to do so!

Up to 1850 people used wood for building houses, making ships and for the stoves in the homes, then coal was introduced also used for industries that turned up and gave work and money to people, and up till now coal and later oil have been the big energy supplier used all over the world. The world had a smaller population to use the wood, but since the 1950 the world population has doubled using more energy like coal and oil polluting as not only the atmosphere but also people in cities as we saw in London in the 1950s, where the smog could be dense like fog - coming from all the chimneys of the houses.

Now again we have started using wood and cutting forests instead of burning coal and oil but in the Western countries mostly as a backup for the renewables like windmills and solar cells, but compared to the wind energy the wood called biomass are used three times more than renewables and not as clean as many believed - the burning of wood is worse than coal.

We have to let the trees grow and use nuclear power instead or the atmosphere will be polluted more. First we used coal and oil and now trees are being burned in powerplants as biomass. It is not CO2 neutral as the EU had decided it to be in 2009 - that was fake news!

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