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Rich Countries are not Always Sustainable

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Many rich countries are overpopulated and no longer sustainable. The UK is one of the most densely populated in Europe. The population has increased from 50m in 1950 to about 67m in 2020.

The population of the US has increased from 281m in 2000 to about 330m in 2020. If everyone in the world had the same consumption as an American, we would need 3.8 Earths.

Denmark has almost 6m inhabitants (2020) but would be sustainable with 4m, as was the case in 1950. For economic and demographic reasons some politicians encourage increased immigration, but more people would, in the long run, only worsen the situation.

The demographic problem with fewer young people to look after more elderly people could be solved by a community service, where young people during a couple of months could help elderly members of society - and at the same time learn about tolerance and respect for older people. Instead of a military service to serve your country you could have a social service to serve the people. It would be beneficial to all.

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