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Sustainability with Fewer People

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

The sustainability of planet Earth would be with about 5 billion people, but the number is now 7.8 billion people (2020) and in some years we might be about 11 billion. The birth rate has declined in most countries, but we also live longer, so the global population is still increasing.

Africa shows the greatest population growth with a prognosis that this will double in 2050, which will incite more Africans to migrate. Africa is rich in natural resources, which have not yet benefitted her poor and needy. Only responsible, incorrupt governance and stabilization of the population growth can render Africa sustainable. A wake up call is needed i.e. in Nigeria, where the population of almost 200 million people may be increased to 800 million people in the future!

Many countries are impoverished by bad governance, but Singapore is an example of visionary leadership. In the course of 50 years Singapore has moved from being a poor country to being one of the richest and cleanest countries in the world - achieved by responsible governance, gender equality, education and family planning. If Singaporeans want to have more than 2 children, they have to cover the expenses incurred themselves.

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