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The Green Nuclear Power - Thorium

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Since 1950 thorium molten salt reactors (MSR) have been tested in many countries, starting in the US at Oak Ridge Nat. Lab. However, due to the climate changes more people and more countries are now interested in the research and development of the Green Nuclear Power - Thorium with its potential to make clean energy.

In the UK Rolls-Royce are developing a minireactor being ready for production from 2029, and also in the US, China, India and Australia they are trying to produce clean energy with thorium - without emitting CO2 into the atmosphere. In Denmark two Danish groups of scientists, Copenhagen Atomics and Seaborg Technologies are also developing thorium molten salt reactors the size of a container. In some of the reactors it will be possible to use old nuclear waste, and the new molten salt reactor cannot explode or melt down as was the case at Chernobyl or Fukushima.

100 grams of thorium can cover one person's lifetime energy consumption. 1 ton of thorium equates 200 tons of uranium and 3.5m tons of coal. Thorium can replace uranium in nuclear power plants, and can be used in ships, trains, planes and space ships.

Due to a Danish law from 1985 they are allowed to do their research but not to produce nuclear power in Denmark, so both Copenhagen Atomics and Seaborg Technologies have contracts in other countries for the production of minireactors for making the energy of the future. Seaborg Technologies have made contracts in South Korea for delivery of 7,500 minireactors before 2040. They will both be ready to produce in the mid or late 2020s.

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