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SAVE the Earth - before it is too late

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

The Earth is being destroyed by pollution from an overpopulated world. The population growth, with its increasing consumption of natural resources and pollution of air, water and soil, must be regulated. We should all be responsible in order to save the Earth from a climate disaster.

The world is facing a global warming. In the Antarctic the level of CO2 in the atmosphere is now the highest in 15 million years, and in Greenland the inland ice is melting. Sea levels will rise, huge land areas will be laid barren, the numbers of extinct animals and plants will escalate, resulting in famine and hardship, conflicts and migration.

Worldwide we have polluted the air, water and soil with waste and toxic chemicals. The use of fossil fuels with emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases have contributed to a global warming, resulting in extreme weather conditions such as droughts and forest fires, hurricanes and floods. The politicians talk about adaptation to climate changes, but how can people adapt when their land is disappearing into the sea or has turned into a desert? Stabilization of the population growth, which is the easiest way to reduce the emission of CO2, is necessary to curb global warming. If the population growth continues, and there is no reduction in the emission of CO2 and other greenhouse gases, the resultant rise in temperature will change the conditions of life for humans, animals and plants on Earth.

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