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Protection of Nature/Biodiversity

In time the Earth may be so densely populated that the only remaining wildlife will be cockroaches and rats. Nature can then only be enjoyed in nature parks, fish on fish farms and wild animals in zoos.

More people need more land. Since antiquity 80% of the forests have disappeared due to clearance. We should adapt to nature instead of adjusting nature to human needs.

If we do not change the present course, biodiversity will be endangered. In 1930 there were 5m elephants on Earth. The number is now reduced to about 500,000. In France as in many other countries the number of birds has been reduced by a third, as many insects (food for birds) are now extinct as a result of pesticides used in agriculture.

IPBES (Interngov. Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity/Ecosystem Services) is concerned: in 2050 the global fish stocks will be endangered, and in 2100 about 50% of Africa's mammals and birds will be non-existent.

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