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Articificial Intelligence and Robot Technology can take over in many Areas

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Innovative technological development, research and development of articificial intelligence, robots, electric cars, climate technology, clean energy, medicine, foodstuffs etc. can help to solve the economic and climatic problems.

Although the Earth is already overpopulated, some politicians are still discussing the need for more people to produce more goods. This would increase turnover and create more jobs, but it would also deplete the Earth of even more of its resources.

Political leaders seem to forget that artificial intelligence and robot technology can take over in many areas. They will become more commonplace and applicable and are already in use in many industries, where they can work day and night. With the help of new technology, fewer people can produce more.

Robots can take over jobs not only in industry but also in other areas from the hospital and care sectors to brothel activities.

All robots, however, have to be pre-programmed by humans!

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