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Overpopulation is the main reason for 'Earth Overshoot Day'

- and for depletion of the earth's resources

July 29, 2021 was Earth's 'overshoot day' according to the Global Footprint Network, meaning that Earth's population 3 weeks earlier than last year has depleted Earth's resources for the year. If it continues with 3 weeks earlier each year, there will soon be no more resources to deplete and which the earth cannot manage to recreate. In addition, some resources cannot be recreated. The reason is not only consumption but especially the number of people consuming and the population number increases. We will still be approx. 200,000 more people in the world every day (about 80 million more people per year), and the poor countries want a standard of living as in the rich countries, which will increase consumption.

Overpopulation is a major problem for both climate and nature. The birth rate has gone down in many countries, but in return we are living longer. More people are demanding more space, more food and water, consuming more of the earth's limited resources and polluting more. Think of the number of diapers for a newborn and for an English extended family with 22 children, as TV recently showed. If the 22 children each have 22 children, the number will grow to 484 people - what a gift race on Christmas Eve. Parents do not have children for the sake of the children - it happens for selfish reasons or lack of contraception. Human Duties, Article 18: Family planning is every couple's responsibility. You can be happy with 2 children!

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