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Our Civilization is in Danger

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Our present civilization is no longer sustainable. The Earth's resources are being used up by overpopulation; and nature, its biodiversity and the environment are being destroyed by pollution. Civilizations have previsously crumbled due to political unrest, wars, overpopulation and the resultant lack of food and water, and it can happen again.

Previous civilizations have disappeared, and Easter Island is an example. All the trees – nature's lungs – were felled and used for timber. Generations of islanders made huge stone figures, which are stunning, but they also left a totally barren island.

We must change our way of life from one based on growth to one based on sustainability. Otherwise our grandchildren will reproach us, and rightfully so. Why not try to make the world sustainable again?

We are exploiting the Earth and its resources and behaving as if we were the last generation on Earth. We are responsible for the world we leave behind.

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