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Nuclear power is ideal for tackling climate change

Nuclear power is ideal for tackling climate change as the only CO2-free energy source available around the clock (Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft)

A couple of years ago, the American Billy Gogesch cycled from Trondheim in Norway to Stockholm and Copenhagen, where he stayed with me for a few days - and on to Brussels, where he was to give the opening speech at a thorium conference, where the energy of the future was to be discussed. All the way he tried to measure radioactivity i.a. in the Norwegian mountains, where in certain places there was thorium, which gave results. In Sweden, he was standing by The Power Plant Barsebäck when the last reactor was carried out, but it had a smaller effect on the meter than on Amalienborg Castle Square!

Our whole world is surrounded by radioactivity, and we are not afraid of the airport's screening at check-in or X-ray at the hospital. Mobile phones, computers and TVs have electromagnetic rays and even bananas and milk are radioactive as both contain potassium-40. Still, many are afraid of nuclear power, where one can get a lot of energy with minimal risk.

The Danish owner of the consulting house Slotsholm ApS Hans Jørgen Nielsen was like other young people against nuclear power in the 1980s but has studied the facts and changed his mind - and has now together with professor at CBS Steffen Andersen published a book "Dangerous. How they feed your fear and why you eat it. ” He believes there are many lies associated with the fear of nuclear power. Wind power in Denmark covers approx. 10% of the Danish energy, and the last 90% can not be covered by biomass unless we burn a lot of forests. It is irresponsible that our power plants should apparently continue to burn wood as a backup for wind and solar until 2040.

There has been a movement - also among young people - for nuclear power, as they have put themselves into the facts and realized that the fight against global warming cannot be tackled without nuclear power. We can have a future with 100% nuclear power and ensure security of supply for a thousand years. There is plenty of thorium in the world for a global energy supply - which will also benefit the poor countries - and we have plenty in Greenland.

Jonna Vejrup Carlsen

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