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Nuclear Power can help to save the Climate

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Global warming will have a catastrophic impact on the Earth, and the only way to reverse climate change would be the utilization of clean energy from advanced nuclear reactors.

The opposition against nuclear power can threaten the ability of humanity to counteract catastrophic climate changes.

In France 70% of electricity comes from nuclear power, and the emission of CO2 is about 80% less than in Denmark!

Millions of people have died due to pollution from fossil fuels. Nevertheless, Germany has decided to end its clean nuclear power from 2022 and replace it with renewable energy and fossil fuels such as lignite. Renewables can only cover a few percent of energy, so this will result in the emission of more CO2.

The nuclear waste does not have to be a problem. All the nuclear waste in the world would fit into 4 football fields and could power the world for 1000 years. The value of the waste is about 4000 trillion US dollars. (Robert Stone: Pandora's Promise)

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