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Global warming is serious

We are still on the wrong climate course with regard to CO2 emissions, despite many climate conferences where the opposite has been promised. You don't listen to science or to the UN, which recommends using nuclear power, and as nuclear physicist and Nobel laureate Carlo Rubbia (1934-) said at a thorium conference at Cern in 2013, 'global warming is so serious that you have to use all clean energies and especially nuclear power, as you cannot wait for fusion.' Carlo Rubbia will again participate in a thorium conference at Cern in September 2023 and still feels obliged to shout out about the catastrophic climate crisis the world is facing. He recommends thorium, which leaves the smallest footprint in terms of waste. Copenhagen Atomics uses thorium in its waste burner mini-reactor, which is ready approx. 2028. (Dec. 2022)

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