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Food Crisis

The world is facing a food crisis, so it is incomprehensible to use food for green fuel such as ethanol for transport. Corn or wheat, which is food, is converted especially in the United States to ethanol, where about 2.5 kg of wheat/corn is used for 1 liter of ethanol, and it is called biofuel! Bio- is put in front of many things, so it sounds organic and green, but this can amplify a food crisis and is also hugely expensive to produce. Is there an adult present in this madhouse, one may ask?

In Kharkiv in Ukraine, there is a gene bank with about 160,000 different varieties of plant seeds as a guarantee of future crops, and this gene bank has been hit by a Russian attack, which has destroyed parts of the bank. The genes can provide an opportunity to cultivate new plant varieties into new types of food, so it is self-destructive evil to destroy the plant knowledge of the future, which is beneficial to humanity. Other gene banks, such as in Svalbard, may be under threat due to climate change. (Google translate!) June 2022

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