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Family Planning for the Sake of the Earth

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

The Earth is facing an environmental and climatic catastrophe, and the world's overpopulation is the main cause. More people not only consume but also pollute more.

The English philosopher Thomas Malthus (1766-1834) had a theory that populations grow faster than food production. He once said: Do not help the poor, or there will be many more of them. And then they will become even poorer!

Without responsible family planning in poor countries, poverty and famine are hard to combat. David Attenborough (British Naturalist, 1926-): All our environmental problems become easier to solve with fewer people, and harder - and ultimately impossible to solve with even more people.

Karan Singh, Indian politician, philanthropist and poet (1931-): In 1974, I led the Indian delegation to the World Population Conference in Bucharest, where my statement that 'development is the best contraceptive' became widely known and often quoted. I must admit that 20 years later I am inclined to reverse this, and my position now is that 'contraception is the best development'.

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