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Consequences of Human Activities

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Overpopulation, resulting in

- deforestation resulting in drought

- extinction of wild animals and plants

- depletion of natural resources

- lack of food and clean drinking water

- poverty, famine and hardship

- conflicts, wars and terrorism

- a threat to the basis of human existence.

Pollution, causing

- waste world-wide and ocean-wide

- toxins in nature and pollution of fresh water

- emission of CO2 from fossil fuels

- diseases due to air pollution from fossil fuels a.o.

- climate changes and more extreme weather

- global warming and rising sea levels

- holes in the ozone layer caused by CFC/HFC gases.

We are near the tipping point, the point of no return!

If the Earth is to survive as a green habitable planet, population growth and pollution of the air, water and soil must cease.

This would be an intelligent evolution.

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