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Climate action now

Wind and solar industries do not live up to their promises and in Denmark they only deliver 9% of all our energy, and the backup of biomass – mostly imported trees from Amazonas, the US, Canada, Russia a.o. is about 60% of our renewable energy. By burning woods we destroy the biodiversity. A planned wind island in the North Sea is just a charging station! In 2009 the EU commission decided that biomass as backup for our solar and wind power should be called CO2 neutral – so the Danish climate figures are wrong – because the burning of biomass is 150% worse than the burning of coal. If you want to stop global warming we should use nuclear power, and minireactors with molten salt are better, less dangerous, cheaper than other types of energy, and you can reuse the waste. Two Danish groups Seaborg Technologies and Copenhagen Atomics plan to produce their thorium minireactors in a couple of years

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